I’ll be trying to release some useful classes over the next couple of months, many of which I used to build Rainbow. So starting off here’s a class that became pretty handy when running a function that chewed up lots of CPU time.

This is a simple background process manager class that uses up a specific ratio of CPU time to process functions that are registered to it. For instance if you have to generate a whole bunch of sprites, but don’t want the .swf to freeze while the number crunching happens, you can register a sprite creation function that will create one sprite at a time. on Each ENTER_FRAME event the Background class will continue to call its registered functions until all of it’s alloted CPU time has been used.


Example Usage:

You can add as many functions as you like to the pFunctions array, it will call each of them in the order they were added, and keep cycling until the allotted CPU time is used up.

You can download the class form here: